More information about the Q podcast and video blog client written with Media Center Markup Language

I previously posted links to a feature specification and user interface video for the Q podcast and video blog client application that has been written using the new Windows Media Center Presentation Layer. This application was demonstrated as part of Joe Belfiore's keynote speech at Mix06 last week.

I just noticed that Charlie has posted a bunch more information about the Q application, including some screenshots. I encourage you to take a look at his post to see some details about what this application and the Windows Media Center Presentation Layer can do.

This application was designed from the beginning to be a sample application that would allow us to show a real-world example of the type of functionality and UI that can be achieved using the Windows Media Center Presentation Layer on the Windows Vista version of Media Center.

In the past, we have not done a great job of demonstrating real-world applications in the Media Center SDK, so I am really excited that we are planning to include this application (source code, MCML markup and all) in the Media Center SDK for Windows Vista. I really hope we will be able to get this in for beta 2 so folks can start taking a look at the code and markup as soon as possible.