New version of TweakMCE is now available

As some of you have noticed, the TweakMCE tool did not work correctly once we released Update Rollup 2 for Media Center 2005. I am happy to say that there is now a new version of TweakMCE available that is designed to work with Update Rollup 2.

TweakMCE v2.0 allows you to configure system settings and options not otherwise exposed in the Windows XP Media Center Edition user interface, including remote control settings, skip and replay time customizations, user interface options, and more. It also helps you to optimize Media Center Extender for plasma and non-CRT displays.

The new version contains all of the features of the previous version, and also supports configuring the following settings that are either new in Update Rollup 2 or were just not supported in the old version of TweakMCE:

  • Overscan adjustments
  • Tweak the DVD changer
  • Fixes to the Extender tweaks
  • Fixes to the universal remote control setting

Thanks to Jason for pointing out that this new version of TweakMCE has been posted for download.