Off to Tokyo for Embedded DevCon Asia 2004

I get to go make my first trip to Japan tomorrow, I'm going to be presenting a couple of talks at Asia DevCon 2004. The talks I am giving were first presented at the US DevCon at the end of June, and I've modified them with some updated content and slightly different demos. For those who are interested, I'm presenting the following talks:

  • Everything you wanted to know about Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) but were afraid to ask (I didn't name it....) - I'll go over the reasons why you would want to use EWF in your embedded image, then talk about how to setup and configure RAM, disk and RAM registry overlays. I'll finish up by giving an overview of some of the EWF changes that are coming up in XPE SP2 later this year
  • EEFs: Unplugged (didn't name this one either but at least it is shorter) - I'm going to talk about a couple more advanced Embedded Enabling Feature (EEF) concepts - how to overcome the limitation in EWF that requires you to protect the entire volume by implementing a registry filter service so that some registry values can be updated on the EWF protected volume; and how to create and SDI file and boot Windows Embedded from RAM.

There is a little more detail about the talks at the site for the US DevCon at

I'm also going to be meeting with some customers with a few other members of my team and our Japanese counterparts while I'm in Tokyo. I'm looking forward to getting to see how some of our features are being used in the real world and some of the limitations that we need to look at addressing in the future. I'm also hoping to brainstorm some ideas for better tools, new white papers, and more effective testing processes we can incorporate on our team so that the features we end up shipping will better meet all of our customers' expectations. Oh yeah, and maybe I'll get be able to bring back some sample hardware so that our team can test XP Embedded and Longhorn Embedded on additional types of devices :-)