Visual Studio 2005 previous beta removal tool

Hey all, I'm sorry for the delay posting this. I've got a version of the cleanup tool that I wrote that I specifically tailored to automate that long list of removal steps listed here and here.

You can download and try out the VS 2005 beta removal tool by going to this link .

Note that this tool isn't "officially" supported by Microsoft or me. That being said, please let me know if you have any trouble getting this to work on your computers. My next step is to create a version of this tool that will automate all of the manual removal steps for the .NET Framework 2.0. Stay tuned....

As a side note, I was hoping to have it ready when VS 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0 beta 2 went live on Sunday, but obviously that didn't happen. I apologize to the folks who have contacted me with broken machines and wasted days cleaning them up (and also those who have gotten burned by the manual uninstall but haven't contacted me). I know it is not really any consolation now, but we're really working hard to do what we can to fix any broken machines without forcing you to reformat and also to get any of the underlying setup bugs fixed by the time VS 2005 ships. Thank you for your patience and interest in VS 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0.