Update: Enterprise RIA Project Now Running on Silverlight 3 Release Version

As the release schedule of our Enterprise RIA template and sample application was a little bit unfortunate we now had the time to update the project. We needed to do some changes to the code which we couldn’t do before now due to some time constraints. For example the way ton include application services into the app changed quite a bit. The way to declare the service in XAML was using the attached property


a full example of the “old” way is posted here. The new way to declare an application service is to use the

<Application.ApplicationLifetimeObjects> attached property. But not only the name of the property changed there are more changes to that concept including the mechanisms to obtain an instance of such a service. Now you can simply query the ApplicationLifetimeObjects collection e.g.  using extension methods.

 public static IUnityService GetUnityService(this Application application)
    return application.ApplicationLifetimeObjects.OfType<IUnityService>().Single();

Another full example is posted here.

However now the updated version finally does run on the release version of the Silverlight 3 Runtime.

In addition I attach the code here as the push out onto the mymsdn site may take some time.

Please remember that you may need to update some references to assemblies which are not included in the project such as the Unity or the Silverlight Toolkit.