Ignite 2018 - Windows Server 2019 Azure Integration Session Recordings

One of the key hybrid messages with Windows Server 2019 is extending your current capabilities with Azure, even when workload migration to the cloud isn't necessarily the highest priority for your organisation. In the videos below you will see how you can leverage cloud based security, Azure backup and recovery capabilities, and extending your network into Azure.

Securing your hybrid cloud environments with Azure ATP and AAD Identity Protection

Protect users from identity threats with Azure Advanced Threat Protection and Azure AD Identity Protection. Learn about the top types of attacks against identities and users and how Microsoft 365 can help secure your environment.

Microsoft security: How the cloud helps us all be more secure

The IT environment you are responsible for is changing: cloud apps, hybrid infrastructure, mobile work, and digital connections with customers and partners to name just a few. Meanwhile, cyber-attacks are more frequent and damaging. The cloud is your secret weapon in this new security battlefield. See how unique intelligence and new innovations from Microsoft can help you be more secure across your entire digital estate.

Deploying Azure File Sync

With Azure Files and Azure File Sync, centralizing file shares in Azure not only is possible, it’s practical. But how do you actually get started with your existing file server or SAN? Never fear! We show you just how easy it is to get started, including leveraging still-relevant existing file servers and migrating off of ancient SANs and NAS devices.

Backup your data with Microsoft Azure Backup

Organizational data is susceptible to corruption, accidental deletion and ransomware. In this session, you will discover how Azure can securely backup and restore your data across multiple workloads running in the cloud as well as on-premises. Come join this jam-packed demo session and witness how Azure Backup significantly reduces complexity and cost through a zero-infrastructure solution for backing up resources. You will learn Azure Backup's native support of Windows Admin Center, Azure Files, Azure VMs, as well as SQL running in Azure VMs.

Implement Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery at Scale in Azure

Organizations increasingly need to scale their IT operations to protect their data and bolster disaster recovery(DR) strategy. Join this session to learn how Azure Backup and Site Recovery (ASR) help solve typical problems of managing backups, as well as recovering applications at scale. Learn about capabilities like PowerShell/CLI automation, policy management, RBAC, template-based deployments, monitoring and reporting that are critical to manage large scale deployments in enterprise environments. We will also present practical examples of real-world deployments in this session.

Establishing hybrid connectivity with Windows Server 2019 and Microsoft Azure

Windows Server 2019 has the most advanced networking capabilities ever shipped in a Windows operating system. See how we’re using Windows Admin Center to make Windows Server 2019 the easiest OS to connect to your Azure virtual network. In this session we  also cover advancements in the data plane, transports, security (802.1x), container networking, and time accuracy.