3 key resources demystifying changing buyer behaviours and emotions

I recently blogged about the need to rethink you’re marketing approach and sales strategy as you build you cloud services business. Having a great solution that meets the needs of a specific audience is key, but having effective sales and marketing strategies in place is also critical for success. Much of this is due to the change in the way buyers are seeking solutions to their business problems, and how and when they are engaging with potential vendors. I’ve included below some new resources and a reminder of some upcoming workshops to help you as you evolve your thinking for both sales and marketing to effectively engage prospects.

To help you put this into action, we offer marketing and sales workshops aligned to rethinking your strategies and to build a high level plan, All courses are available here and we have a digital program for all Microsoft Partners in Australia called Partner Next which covers the above.

To sign up for the workshop’s you will need your Microsoft Partner Network login to access the details via the URLs above and sign up.  If you’re not yet an MPN member take a look at Jack Pilon’s blog post on MPN 101 which highlights the benefits and how to sign up.  If you are already an MPN member and having problems with your login you can reach the Regional Support Centre on 13 20 58 (option 2, 4, 1).