Are you the Microsoft Australia Small Business Partner of the Year?

Potentially you could be - but unless you submit an entry, we'll never know! HURRY - SUBMISSIONS CLOSE SOON!

"This is only going to inspire our team to continue to build industry leading solutions for a market segment we’re passionate about – because we are a small business too." - Managing Director, Evolve IT Australia, Winner 2007.

"BCA are very honoured to receive such a prestigious award. It highlights our passion and commitment to our customers in helping them achieve their business goals." - Managing Director, Business Computing Australia, Winner 2008.

"Our award this year is direct recognition of the work we’ve done in the SMB sector. We are delighted with the recognition this prestigious award brings." - Managing Director, Comcity Technology, Winner 2009.

  • Do you provide Microsoft solutions to customers in the small and medium business space (5-250 users)? CHECK!
  • Do you consider yourself a trusted technology advisor to your customers? CHECK!
  • Do you deliver solutions that improve the way your customers do business? CHECK!
  • Do you want to stand out from the competition and be acknowledged for your industry-leading solutions? CHECK!

Then don't delay - enter your award submission today.


1. Answer the questions

Seriously, I know that sounds obvious, but I mean it: Make sure you answer the question that's being asked. If the question says "What business benefits did your customer experience" then don't write a thesis on your customer's history or a technical essay on the development of IP networks - just tell us how the customer is now better off than before you delivered your masterstroke solution.

2. Be succinct and relevant

There's no need to elaborate on what Small Business Server does or give a blow by blow description of how it's installed out-of-the-box. These things are mostly ubiquitous across partners, plus we kind of know this stuff already. What we want to know is how you added value by applying your own unique customisations/services/expertise to Microsoft products to deliver a great solution.

3. Use language that's easy to read

This isn't a legal dissertation, so there's no need to use overly formal language. Try and avoid words like "ubiquitous" and "dissertation" ;) and make sure you expand any acronyms that aren't really commonplace. You might be a technical genius and know what CAPTCHA means, but the judges may not (for the record, it's "Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart". In fact, have a third party non-IT person read through your submission. Maybe don't subject your Grandma to it, but seek feedback from your partner or friends outside your company - if they're struggling to understand it or identify the killer benefit in your solution then you've probably missed the mark.

4. Use real stats and data where you can

It's great to be able to support your submission with real facts and figures in relation to your solution. For example, saying "Client XYZ are now better off" is a bit non-specific. Saying "Client XYZ reduced costs after implementing our solution" is nice. Saying "Client XYZ now make a saving of $4000 per month in travel costs" is excellent. Saying "Client XYZ has nice teeth" is just weird.

5. Relate to Microsoft

Remember that ultimately this award is about utilising your Microsoft Partner Network membership, combined with your own value and services, to deliver an exceptional solution to SMB customers. So in answering questions, make sure you consider and explain how you leveraged Microsoft products, tools, resources and knowledge to help deliver your solution.

Clayton Moulynox

Microsoft Australia | Channel Development Manager – SMB
Twitter: @claytonhm | Blog: Microsoft Australia Partner Blog (SMB Feed, Top VAR Feed)