Cloud Champions II - Financial Implications of Moving to Cloud Services – view on demand and access resources

In today’s Cloud Champions webinar we heard from Hui Cheng Tan, Senior Financial Controller at Microsoft Australia, the impact of growing a cloud services practice on your P&L. If you missed today’s session the recording is available on the Cloud Champions calendar.

We constantly hear about the momentum of cloud growth in Australia and the opportunity it represents for Microsoft Partners to grow their profitability. But how do the numbers actually stack up? What does cloud mean for your P&L and what are some of the best practices for managing your P&L as you plan and build up your online services offerings including building recurring revenue streams, evolving your compensation model for your sales teams and rethinking your marketing budgets and alignment. During the session Hui Cheng walked through a financial modelling tool you can customise to view the potential impact on your P&L.

We look forward to seeing you at our next webinar on May 19th when we’ll be coming toe to toe with the competition.

Three next steps before our next webinar:

  • Watch the cloud partner financial model video
  • Review the accompanying PowerPoint presentation
  • Use the model to investigate possible financial implication