Cloud Champions is back! Are you ready?

With the increasing growth of cloud services in Australia it’s critical you are building a plan to take advantage of this opportunity now.


With a number of recent local announcements from Microsoft including the availability of Microsoft Azure in Australia, plus this week’s announcement of availability of Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online from local datacentres by end of March 2015; plus the impending end of support for Windows Server 2003 in July 2015 the time is now to start, if not already taking advantage of the Partner opportunity that Microsoft Online Services offer.


Evolving your business requires changes but the rewards can be significant.  IDC research shows that cloud-oriented Partners have 1.5 times higher gross profit and are growing their recurring revenue streams 1.6 times faster than non-cloud-oriented partners. 


This shift involves changes across your business - thinking differently about the way you sell, market and importantly how you package offerings for your customers to create new recurring revenue streams for your business. 


With the number of options in the way you and your customers can consume Microsoft cloud services, the opportunities for delivering innovative solutions and to be the trusted advisor to your customers at the same time growing your business is limitless.


Following Cloud Champions Round 1 which ran through 12 rounds of interactive online training delivered by subject matter experts and supported with rich content, enabling you to evolve your business to grow with Microsoft cloud services, we are excited to announce that we are launching Cloud Champions Round 2 in January.  Round 2 will deliver fortnightly webinars supported by content suited to roles across your business including business management, sales and marketing to help you plan and execute changes to grow your profitability with cloud services. 


Experts from both inside and outside Microsoft will share their knowledge and experience with you, spanning critical business areas such as:


  • The cloud opportunity – where is it and what can Microsoft offer to help you go after the opportunity.
  • Hear from a Partner who has made the transition to cloud services – their journey and learnings.
  • Growing your profitability with cloud services – the change in revenue streams and what to expect in terms of profitability.
  • Leading the change in your business - balancing your existing business whilst growing a cloud practice.
  • Selling Microsoft cloud services – positioning cloud cervices to SMBs, the various channel models and shifting to an “ARPU” mindset to maximise your revenue.
  • Evolving your marketing strategy to attract self-educated prospects and increase your pipeline.
  • Enabling you to compete effectively.


Keep an eye out for your invitation in the coming week.


Look forward to working with you in the New Year for Cloud Champions Round 2.

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