Understanding the importance of Digital Partner of Record (DPOR)

Microsoft Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) offers your customers a simple way to designate you as the Partner of Record for the subscriptions you are actively managing for customers for Office 365, CRM Online, Intune, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), and Azure.

Why is Digital Partner of Record important to you?

This is the only way we can recognise you for the subscriptions you have deployed, It’s the way for you earn Cloud incentives and qualify for Microsoft cloud competencies.

It also enables reporting that provides a single view into the revenue, usage, and consumption you are driving. These insights can be leveraged by you for cross-sell/upsell opportunities, and allows you to proactively engage customers at risk for non-renewal.

Your customers benefit because it provides you with access to performance and usage data so you can provide better service to them and help optimise their usage for the desired business outcome.

What you need to do now

  1. Understand which of your customers have already designated you as their Partner of Record. You can find this information on the Cloud Services Dashboard.
  2. Review the Digital Partner of Record Overview, and customer guidance to understand how to position Digital Partner of Record with your customers.
  3. Start working with your current customers to designate you as their Partner of Record for each subscription you actively manage, if they have not yet done so. You can find resources, including step-by-step guides and videos that can be used with your customers to help them designate you as their Partner of Record on the Microsoft Partner Network Portal;

If you need help from our support services regarding the following scenarios:

    • Having trouble with customer attaching you as Digital Partner of Record? Contact the Regional Service centre on 132058 (options 2-4-1) or log a support ticket.
    • Need to view all your customer subscriptions? Go to Cloud Services Dashboard or contact Regional Service Centre on 132058 (options 2-4-1) or log a support ticket .
    • Need to understand the benefits of the Cloud competencies? Contact Regional Service Centre on 132058 (options 2-4-1) or log a support ticket.
    • Incentive payments not showing up on your incentive statement? Please send an email to apocchi@microsoft.com