Enhancing your current Pinpoint status

Once your Pinpoint profile is up and running, there are a few things that your business can do to ensure that your profile remains optimal.

It is useful to know that responding to customers in a timely manner boosts your search results. Therefore, it is important to keep your team on top of the leads received, managing them in the most efficient way possible.

Moreover, Pinpoint assigns additional weight for each gold competency held by your business, so Partners with multiple gold competencies appear higher in the list - even if their Learning competency is silver. As a result, you can enhance your presence within Pinpoint by achieving gold competencies in other areas through the MPN.

If you wish to maximise your Worldwide visibility, you should ensure that your business has an English profile if this doesn’t already exist. That way, your Pinpoint profile will can be viewed internationally.

By requesting customer reviews regularly and ensuring your Pinpoint profile contains practical experience and understanding, your Pinpoint presence will be enhanced, ensuring integrity and reliability in your offerings, as well as search optimisation.

Always keep your Pinpoint profile up to date by including your latest product offerings at the forefront of your Pinpoint communications. As a result, your Pinpoint profile will represent the most refreshed and up-to-date version of your business to prospective customers.

Continue to stay supported through these helpful resources for any Pinpoint related matters.