Free online Azure Partner training!


Microsoft Azure is the Industry leader in the cloud technology space as depicted in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Getting up to speed on Hot SI opportunities and grabbing most of it in time, is critical for survival of every competitive partner.

We are proud to announce the upcoming workshops exclusively for organisation like yours. You will get exclusive content and delivery schedule of these virtual sessions delivered by our top Azure field specialists. The Main objective of this program is to provide the required training on azure and help accelerate your sales motions to land on opportunities and then convert them.

Why should you attend?

These Sales Orientation and Pitch Perfect sessions will build conversation on Microsoft Azure platform from Sales perspective and Presales Workshop for your presales engines. From Sales and Presales perspective, the program aims to “UPSKILL” your key field contacts and provide them with required intelligence to prospect, qualify and build Perfect Pitch around your service offerings & Solutions built on azure, as well convert your opportunities by skilling your Azure Presales Engines.

Who should attend?

  • Global Head of Sales
  • Regional Sales Heads
  • Regional Field Sales
  • Account executives
  • Vertical Solution sales

Sales Orientation Workshop (1.5 hrs)

Discuss Top System Integrator Opportunities on Cloud

Microsoft Azure – An Enterprise Preferred Cloud Platform

Managed Services


Why Azure appeals for Enterprises?

Hybrid cloud scenarios


Microsoft Azure : Overview of key capabilities

Enterprise Storage scenarios


Competitive Differentiation (Features, Licensing, pricing, support)

SAP, Oracle & open source


Hot Azure Sales Scenarios ( Horizontal )

Large Transformational Migration


Top Vertical Scenarios

Enterprise Identity & federation


Date, Time & Registration

• March 18th / 14:30 – 16:00 AEDT / Register Here

• April 15th / 14:30 – 16:00 AEDT / Register Here

Pitch Perfect Workshop (3 hrs)

Deep Dive on hot selling scenarios

Azure Sales Guidance

SAP on Azure


How to qualify azure leads & prospecting

Database Services on Azure (Oracle, open source, SQL server, DocumentDB )


Pitching to your customer BDM & execs

Open source applications on Azure


Handling common objections (Security, compliance, ROI, support)

Bigdata on Azure ( HDinsight & Azure ML)


Pitching to your customer CTO & TDMs

Storage Services on Azure


Handling common objections (Integration, Opensource, Security, Platform)

Enterprise Identity, federation & Integration


Date, Time & Registration

• March 25th / 14:30 – 17:30 AEDT / Register Here

• April 22nd / 14:30 – 17:30 AEDT / Register Here

Every partner who wants to be part of maximum multi-billion Azure adoption opportunities must attend this session and get equipped before it gets too late.

The set of sessions detailed above are exclusively offered to your audience and hence we would expect your commitment in having the right set of attendees with required background and pre-requisites for maximum impact of the program. To make the sessions more engaging and interesting we would encourage you to bring your live case studies/use cases and focus areas to the session and interact with the speakers in finding innovative solutions.

So, Get ready to be a part of this Amazing Opportunity