Get Ready for a More Beautiful Web

Today, the Web is a communication hub. It’s how people connect with friends, colleagues, and customers. How information is shared and projects are completed. How business is done. Yet the Web experience is not as fast, rich, or accessible as it could be. The new Windows Internet Explorer 9 Beta browser changes that, by leveraging the power of your PC to deliver more vibrant, immersive Web experiences, coupled with unparalleled performance.

Now websites and Web applications can provide the same functionality you expect from the software installed on your PC. A new interface increases your viewing area, and enhanced integration with the Windows 7 operating system means you can pin websites and applications directly to the taskbar and create customized Jump Lists that put the tasks you use most often just one click away. And a robust set of built-in security, privacy, and reliability technologies makes browsing safer than ever.

Learn more about the Internet Explorer 9 Beta release and watch demos to see how it works. Join the Microsoft Partner Network to access exclusive training opportunities. Then download the beta to experience a faster, cleaner, and more beautiful Web for yourself.