Microsoft Remix 10 Love

Hi Partners,

Michael Kordahi, delicate genius, and Christian Longstaff are featured on Partner TV to discuss Remix 10.

You may remember a previous post from Michael Kordahi that I posted on this blog in regards to his impression of iPad… click here

One of the main features of Remix will be regarding mobile and how accessing the browser has expanded into phones, and even surface.

Michael Kordahi also discusses his hope that the event will appeal to everyone and contain information appealing to the industry:



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Read below for further information on Remix 10 and to register!


Remix will be held on the 1-2 June 2010 at the Crown Conference Centre in Melbourne.

Witness great Australian Web innovations. See the capabilities of new technologies such as Windows Phone 7, Silverlight, Internet Explorer 9, Windows Azure, HTML 5 and Expression, and how they integrate with other platforms.
Expand your mind with a look at the next generation "internet powered" experiences that will span devices, screens and locations. Register for REMIX10 now!