Office365 - NEW: Live@edu to Office 365 Upgrade Content

Access these online trainings to better understand the upgrade process to help your Live@edu customers and capitalise on numerous upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

  • Technical Overview: This overview discusses the user experience and what you can do to prepare and add value to the process.
  • Updating Provisioning Tools: This training provides an overview of Go Now steps, and discusses the current end user password experience and what the upgrade will look like in January. The training also discusses the differences between how Live@edu and Office 365 are administered, provisioning methods, and provides guidance for helping customers select an effective provisioning solution for Office 365, and deploying the Directory Synchronization tool.
  • Updating to ADFS and Federation: This training can help you learn about identities, single sign-on, and how a federated identity enables users to access both on-premises and cloud-based organizations with existing credentials. The training also explains how Office 365 supports two modes of authentication for cloud and federated identities, and discusses deployment architecture and topology.