Partner with the Microsoft Partner's Partner


I've spoken often of the incredible passion and innovation in Microsoft's Partner ecosystem - never is this more evident when two Partners combine to achieve a common goal, delighting customers and achieving outcomes that were otherwise not possible. With this in mind, I'm excited to announce the launch of the New Horizons Australia (NHA) Microsoft Partner Hub, and with it, the emergence of NHA as the Microsoft Partner's Partner.

NHA developed the Microsoft Partner Hub with one goal; to supercharge the channel by empowering Partners to meet their full potential. Designed to complement the MPN portal, theNHAMicrosoft Partner Hub amplifies the key elements of the MPN in a platform that makes it easy for Partners to identify and activate learning plans – backed by the expertise of a Gold Certified Microsoft Learning Partner.


The NHA Microsoft Partner Hub



Whether you're a new Partner looking to build a Microsoft practice, an existing Partner looking to (re)engage with the Microsoft Partner Network, or an established Partner looking to streamline your Competency attainment – the NHA Microsoft Partner Hub has what you need to succeed:


  • MPN Made Easy
    • Make your enrolment choice a cinch with easy to understand program guides and videos
  • Exclusive Partner Offers
  • Office 365 Partner Onboarding
  • Curated Competency Attainment Experience
  • Dedicated Support
    • Live chat to assist with your enquiries (available during business hours)





Whilst already a fantastic offering, what excites me most about the NHA Microsoft Partner Hub is that this is just the beginning. With an aggressive development schedule, even more exclusive content on the way and NHA's commitment to channel development, there's never been a better time to partner with the Microsoft Partner's Partner.