Pressure test your digital marketing in 2018

Content creation is a key element to attracting new customers, but with over 27,000,000 pieces of content shared every day, a successful digital marketing strategy is reliant on effective optimisation and analysis. Together with Microsoft, Fifty Five and Five have built Maya, a free digital marketing benchmark tool specifically built for Microsoft partners.

Helping you gain a better understanding of the competency of your digital marketing channels, Maya gives you instant feedback to help you make improvements and boost your business outcomes. An easy to use online tool, Maya analyses your web, social and blog presence to help you understand the health of your digital channels. It provides feedback on what is working, with pointers for what needs more input.

The sort of uses cases Maya supports:

1. Perform an upfront health check across your website, blog and social channels

2. Monitor your website performance over a prolonged period of time, tracking any trends or spikes

3. Test the ROI on investing in your social media

4. Measure how engaging your content is on your website and blog

6. Check the speed of both your desktop and mobile sites

7. Assess the frequency and engagement of your blog and social posts

8. Improve your SEO ranking through visibility of the health of your outbound links

9. Gain insight into the value of images across your channels

The team at Fifty Five and Five are currently prepping a pilot of a new version of Maya, which will add a comprehensive 'video tutorial' component, aiming at helping you and your team upskill on key marketing activities, and in turn improve your Maya scores. This new version will combine the great benchmarking features of Maya with a wealth of unique and specific tutorial video content.

Chris Wright, the founder of Fifty Five and Five (the team behind Maya) said: "This new version of Maya is very exciting. Not only can Maya test your marketing channels and monitor them over time, but it can now offer specific advice and tutorials on exactly how to make improvements. We see Maya as a tool to help you and your marketing resources consistently upskill, train and improve."

The new Knowledge Base component of Maya provides relevant and easily digested video tutorials, blog content and downloads, that you can access in your own time. By creating an account, you can not only monitor your scores over time but now learn how to improve specific areas of competence.

Fifty Five and Five are offering the chance for partners to sign up to exclusively (and free of charge) to a new pilot program showcasing new Maya features. Any Partners interested please email Chris Wright for more information.


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