Ray Fleming’s Microsoft Education Industry Update - February 2013


Education Partner Training opportunities

Education Partner Monthly Webinar: Ask the Experts

‘Bring Your Own Device’ opportunities in education - February 26th, 11AM
Every month in 2013 we’re going to be running a Microsoft “Ask the Experts” webinar for Education Partners. Next month’s session will focus on the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) opportunities in education for our partners. It’s a 45-minute webinar, running mid-morning, designed to be an opportunity to grab a coffee and understand your next business expansion opportunity. Register for the Education partner webinar on 26th Feb

Big Data webcast on 19th February

Wondering what all the ‘big data’ fuss is about? In an hour next Tuesday (19th Feb) two of our big data experts from Singapore are going to be hosting a webinar that will cover stories from a number of different industries, demonstrating how organisations have tapped into their own data to uncover business insights. In education this is becoming a big topic, so I’d say it’s worth investing in learning more. Big Data webcast on 19th Feb

Windows 8 – new apps for education demonstrations

The ideal demo app set for primary & pre-school teachers
Sydney-based nsquared have released a big list of free touch-based apps which are ideal to show to primary and pre-school teachers. They are all designed to provide unstructured learning activities – meaning that teachers can use them to support lots of different classroom activities. If you want software to demonstrate the power of a touch tablet to teachers of younger children, then these are great, because they are simple to install and require absolutely no explanation:

nsquared make words
This is a free app in the form of an competitive game. It's designed to help students learn object recognition and differentiation, and improve their recall and spelling. nsquared makewords has the ability to switch between a range of content packs through the menu and download new content as it's released.  The ability for up to four students to play on the same touch-screen device is a very quick way to demonstrate a benefit of a Windows 8 tablet over an iPad, as it demonstrates the kind of collaborative learning that teachers encourage. All you need to demonstrate is a desktop to lay your tablet on, and four willing participants! nsquared make words

nsquared herding
nsquared herding is designed to develop numeracy, pattern matching and object recognition skills. It is designed for up to four players simultaneously, each player has to collect the correct numbers of each target object and place them into their own playing area.  nsquared herding

nsquared letters
nsquared letters is a free form application designed for children to use with or without guidance. It allows students to explore words in virtually any language that uses the Latin alphabet. And like the other nsquared apps, it is free. nsquared letters

nsquared missing card
nsquared missing card is designed to help develop pattern matching and object recognition skills in young children. It's a multi-player memory game for up to four students to match overturned cards. The players can turn over their three cards to see which one matches the next in sequence. Once each player has decided on the card they think will be next, they keep the other two cards in their hand face down. nsquared missing card

nsquared numbers
nsquared numbers for Windows 8 is a free-form application that can be used to teach basic mathematical concepts. It gives you number tiles, so that you can set free tasks like "How many ways can you make the sum of ‘9’, or ‘55’, or any other number you’d like to explore. And because multiple students can use it at the same time, you can also set team or collaborative challenges, e.g. how many ways can they create those same results?   nsquared numbers

Windows 8 Education Apps
For lists of good apps to install on Windows 8 for demos to teachers, go to the Windows 8 Educational Apps page (http://bit.ly/Win8EduApps) and click on the links to easily install some of the free education apps in the store

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