“Secret” Tools & Resources to Grow Your Business


It’s no secret Microsoft makes available so many great tools and resources for partners that inevitably the best ones are sometimes hard to find.  And let’s be realistic – you have a business to run and haven’t the time to be idly surfing through the Microsoft Partner Network site to explore its vast expanses.

Well, luckily for you, I do (note to my boss:  OK, so I don’t really have that much spare time, it’s kind of part of my role to surf the partner site, right?).  If you came to our SMB Business Building sessions throughout March you may have seen me expose some of these “secret” tools. 

The Microsoft GearUp Sales Toolkit, Partner Marketing Centre, LicenseWise, Partner Sales Resources, Demo Showcase, Customer Insights Tool and Partner Learning Centre were all discussed - some even demonstrated.

GO DO: If you missed the presentation, or want to see it over again, you can download the deck.  Sure, I know what you’re thinking…it’s not quite as good as seeing me present it live and listening to my dulcet tones, but hey, you can’t have everything :)

I recommend these tools having actually used them in practice when I was in your shoes managing a Microsoft Gold Partner and pounding the pavement selling solutions to SMB customers not so long ago.

PARTICIPATE: Share with us via the comments what tools within the Microsoft Partner Network you use and find helpful. Give me your feedback on the tools I’ve linked to in this post. Or tell me if you’d like a deep-dive in how best to utilise a tool in a future post.

Clayton Moulynox

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