SMB Partner Training Coming In February

As an SMB partner, staying on top of the ever growing range of products and technologies that Microsoft offers can be challenging, and the ModernBiz series of training events aims to cover a variety of different topics during the course of a day, but also covers an extended range of technologies over the entire event series, including traditional desktop technologies, along with BYOD strategies, Windows Server and Hyper-V enhancements, SQL Server 2014 based solutions as well the cloud based Azure and Office 365 offerings.

In February's training events, Grow Efficiently Part 2 (don't worry, it doesn't have dependencies on having attended Part 1, this is completely different content) you will learn how to use the latest Microsoft client, database, and cloud productivity technologies to deliver solutions that help SMBs grow and adapt to change—from expanding the infrastructure that powers their business applications, to adding new PCs, devices and apps that help employees do their best work. Topics include Windows 8.1 migrations for SMBs, deploying Office 365, and SQL Server 2014 planning and implementation, both on-premises and in Microsoft Azure.

Application Compatibility Remediation for Windows 8.1
In this module you will learn how to discover applications which are deployed to devices in your environment, determine if those applications pose compatibility problems Windows 8.1, and solve compatibility problems with ACT 6 by creating and deploying application SHIM's that fix compatibility issues. Windows 10 application compatibility discussions will also be included as part of the discussion, now that more details are being made available.

Preparing for a Windows 8.1 Deployment with MDT 
In this module you will learn how to prepare Windows 8.1 deployment package using Microsoft Deployment Tools (MDT) 2013. The content will also include the latest publically available information on Windows 10 setup options to help you plan for the deployment of the new version of Windows that will be available this year.

Preparing For An Office 365 Deployment
With the always improving capabilities of Office 365, it's important to stay on top of what's new and what's changed, and in this section you will learn about the latest changes to the services, migration options, as well as the different ways you can deploy Office 365 Pro Plus to client PCs, from a single download through to mass deployment and Remote Desktop Services scenarios.

SQL Server 2014 Separation of Duty and in-Memory OLTP
In this module you will learn how to implement SQL Server 2014 separation of duty, analyze tables for SQL Server 2014 in-memory OLTP, and Implement in-memory OLTP.

Deploying a Database to Azure and Backing up to Azure
In this module you will work with Azure and your on-premises SQL Server 2014 VM's to Deploy a database from the on-premises SQL Server environment to Azure and Backup Databases from SQL Server Management Studio directly to Azure storage.

Delivery dates are as follows

Sydney Monday 2 February 2015
Melbourne Tuesday 3 February 2015
Brisbane Friday 6 February 2015

Registration details are here: