Step up to Windows 10



In today’s fast paced world we are pulled in many directions. One of the largest tensions we feel is between what we want to do. That could be more time with the family, fun projects at work, or many other activities. The challenge is that we are often so overwhelmed by trying to do what we have to do both in our work as well as personal lives. For many of us today it’s not about work/life balance but rather about figuring out how to live while also working.

In IT we have an additional tension pulling at us. We have to often balance conflicting priorities. On one hand we look to maintain the status quo. Our customers look to us to keep the critical systems up and running at all times. We have to keep company data secure and protect the infrastructure, all while controlling costs. At the same time the business, the marketing and our customers are driving us to stay relevant and stay current. We need to manage change while maintaining stability.

We all get the same 24 hours, and we all have similar tension in our lives. We designed Windows 10 to enable people to take action.

It is now time to step up to Windows 10!

Are you one of the eligible Partners to take a Windows 10 exam (Exam 697) for free—plus get a no-cost retake (Second Shot) on Windows 8 exams if needed?

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