Switch on the benefits of your Microsoft partnership final update

The Microsoft's Partner Network benefits empower your business competition has now finished.  Bill and I would like to thank everyone who entered, we enjoyed reading you submissions and hearing about what benefits are important to you.


Week 3 Winner: Michael Lester from XciteLogic Pty Ltd in Western Australia

Without a doubt the opportunity to access Demonstration and Training use licensing has been a key driver for our own internal development across the Microsoft Platform.  By running through test labs we have been able to quickly build experience with new product platforms so we are ready to go when they match our customers needs.  In addition we have made extensive use of the demonstration platform to allow us to quickly build showcase solutions which demonstrate our "ubiquitous computing" experience to customers.

Week 4 Winner: Clinton Rocksmith from Moveware Development in Victoria

No need for tights and cape here…

Faster than a speeding ticket….

More powerful than any a 286…..

Able to leap technical requirements in a single instance.

Look, on the net.

It saves time, it saves money, it’s AZURE!


For more information on the Microsoft Partner Network benefits please visit the Partner Portal.