Switch on the benefits of your Microsoft partnership update

Microsoft's Partner Network benefits empower your business, why not share your experience with other Partners? Leave a post on this blog about your favourite benefit and how it helped your business. If you're quick, your post could even land you a new Windows Phone 7*!  Click here for more details.

Week 1 Winner: David Compton from Blue Tiger Corporation in Victoria

We've joined up to the BizSpark program and have found the combination of software benefits, training days, PinPoint market place and support from Microsoft staff to be a major help and encouragement in the process of getting our first software product developed and launched.

Week 2 Winner: Robert Holmes from Computer Services Group in Queensland

The Microsoft Partner benefits are excellent for IT specialists to not only support us in difficult situations with the forums and ability to contact directly but also help to broaden our IT expertise and tools to bring on the table when implementing solutions to clients. Using the benefits with the Cloud Essentials Pack, we are expanding our business to public cloud solutions and also currently improving our skills with Dynamic CRM to give us the opportunity to provide CRM solutions to our clients.

Thank you to all our Week 1 and Week 2 posts Bill and I enjoyed reading them.  Please continue to post your comments on your favourite benefits as we still have more Windows Phone 7 to give away.