The best review

I thought this week, I would compile a roundup of the very best content that I have had the privilege of reading over the last few weeks.  This wasn't an easy exercise however as I discovered so much interesting and thought provoking material... in no particular order (as that would make the job even harder), my 3 selections


  • 15 best practices for increasing customer lifetime value. Full of very useful; links and associated material to help grow the value of each of your customers and future prospects. 2 great suggestions stood out for me the most. Firstly, building a customer adoption plan and I would personally go a step further and get customers to sign it off and add their perspectives but also their accountabilities. The second is far more tactical but no less valuable, assigning yourself as the digital partner of record for your customers.


  • Cloud Planning Business Template. Whilst not a blog, a useful resource that Microsoft Partners could also find valuable. Covering, your company offering/s, point of differentiation, marketing, sales, delivery and financial projections. The template provides the opportunity to collate the necessary information to raise financing given the upfront investment required to aggressively acquire customers, and recapture that outlay over time based on subscription pricing.

So check out my top 3 picks and continue to share your feedback with us…