Top Tips for Pinpoint Profiles:

Hi Partners,


Want to improve your Pinpoint Profile, but don’t know where to begin? Follow the guide below to fine tune your profile to maximise your profile…



· Upload a company logo

· Keep your Solution Name to 10 words, each word starting with a CAPs

· Keep your Short Description to 50 words (using the first 50 or so words of the Solution Description is fine)

· Keep your Solution Description to 250 words

· Use hyphens not bullet points

· Keep your Partner Profile to 250 words (Edit in the Partner Membership Centre)

· Write in present tense “We are Australia’s leading…” “We specialise in..”

· Avoid technical jargon – use everyday CUSTOMER language, talk in CUSTOMER BENEFITS like you are talking directly to them “Our application solves the specific industry need for…”

· Tell customers exactly how your solutions address their NEEDS

· Avoid exclamation points and repetition of words

· List links customer references and supporting material in the “More Information” section, not in your descriptions

· Watch your spelling and grammar!

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