TOP VAR Money Tree

Hi Partners,

Ever dreamt of growing your own personal Money Tree? You thought they didn’t exist right?


Well, if you have sold over $10,000 of Open Licenses in the past 12 months, you qualify as a Microsoft top value Added Reseller (TOP VAR).

By becoming a TOP VAR you are able to plant your money tree seed and then with Microsoft tools we can help grow your money tree.

Instead of an old jerry can to water your tree, you will gain access to exclusive tools that are designed to help you sell more.

Sunshine being the vital ingredient for growth, takes shape in the form of the customer insights tool.

The customer insights tool will help you identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.


If you think you qualify as a Top VAR, contact to find out. Then attend the Top VAR EVENT this November to start growing your tree:

– Identify NEW revenue opportunities using the Customer Insights Tool

– Drive product demand using the NEW Mini-campaigns including a SALES WORKSHOP by Carpe Diem Consulting

– Identify virtualisation opportunities in small-to-medium business customers


Happy gardening,

Arron Child


Money Tree