What is the impact of the Microsoft Partner Community?

Here at Microsoft Australia we are incredibly proud of our partner ecosystem and the role you all play in helping our customers have great experiences with Microsoft products and services.

In 2014 we conducted our very first impact study which provided great insight into the contribution Microsoft has on the Australian economy, 2 years on we are refreshing this data to help us better tell our joint story and to inform us of areas we can provide tools and support for you locally.

The insights from the first study informed the creation tools such as

It also defined the types of content we created for you at our annual Australia Partner Conference on the Gold Coast.

This study not only covers the economic impact to Australia but also will provide you with a local benchmark for you organisation across sales, marketing and technical skills and may assist in discovering other areas of opportunities in the local market.

We need your help!

We understand the time pressures all of you are facing and, as the success of this research is heavily dependent on your input. If you are keen to participate and have not yet received an invitation email jyap@capitalis.com.au to receive your personalised URL .

The final details and findings of the study will be shared at APC 2016 5- 8 Sept. So what better way to learn how to apply the insights from the study to your business than be there in person? To say thanks for your time invested we are offering those who complete the survey the chance to win, via a game of skill, two tickets to the Australia Partner Conference 2016 (total prize pool of 10 x 2 tickets) valued at AUD1,600 per ticket.

We'd love your input to help us better shape our partner eco-system so thank you in advance for participating.


Please note: this research is being conducted on behalf of Microsoft by Capitalis, a strategic marketing consultancy, who have been partnering with Microsoft for over 10 years. The information you provide will be treated as strictly confidential by Capitalis., and personal and company-specific data will not be shared with any third party, including Microsoft. Only non-identifiable, aggregated data will be shared with Microsoft, Microsoft’s Partners and more broadly.