What’s your new customer acquisition strategy?

Some Partners I speak to are confident they have evolved their business with cloud by simply substituting selling on premises product licenses with cloud services subscriptions. Or they’ve taken a step further and are busy migrating their existing customers from on premises solutions to the cloud.

Whilst this is positive in terms of helping their customers experience the many benefits of cloud and being a trusted partner to them through this change, it doesn’t maximise the potential growth opportunity the Partner could be experiencing. How are they evolving their offerings to include new recurring revenue streams from managed services offerings and building out unique IP based on their expertise? Once all of their existing customer base is migrated to cloud, where will their new business come from? What is their new customer acquisition strategy?

Maximising your profitability requires change across many areas of your business. I’ve included below a series of workshops designed to support our Partners in Australia going through these changes. We keep these workshops as small groups so places are limited! The cost to attend is $75 per seat (incl. GST) per workshop.

Partner Profitability Workshop

Led by Luke Debono from Incredible Results, this full day workshop will walk through the different business models with cloud so you can assess which may be most suited to your future goals and will coach you on how you can lead that change through your organisation.  With a combination of presentation content, self-assessments and on demand resources, the workshop is designed to help you plan, build and grow a profitable cloud practice. Click here for more info and to register for a session.

  • Tuesday 12th May – Sydney
  • Thursday 14th May - Melbourne

Effectively leading change in your business

Led by Fiona Hathaway, Microsoft APAC HR Director, this session will help business leaders effectively lead change, transform businesses and inspire change. How do you balance 80% of your time on your existing business whilst spending 20% of your time on driving change. Click here for more info and to register for the session.

  • Wednesday 29th April – Melbourne (am only)
  • Friday 1st May – Sydney (am only)

The financial impact of cloud transformation

Led by Microsoft Australia Financial Controller, Hui Cheng Tan. We constantly hear about the momentum of cloud growth in Australia and the opportunity it represents for Microsoft Partners to grow their profitability. But how do the numbers actually stack up? What does cloud mean for your P&L and what are some of the best practices for managing your P&L as you plan and build up your online services offerings including building recurring revenue streams and productising unique IP? Click here for more info or to register for a session.

  • Thursday 30th April – Melbourne (half day (morning) session)
  • Friday 1st May – Sydney (half day (afternoon) session)

Building an unstoppable sales team

Led by Luke Debono from Incredible Results. Is your sales engine working brilliantly, winning more quality business than ever before whilst scaling seamlessly? Is it driving consistent profitable growth in ways that your whole organisation loves? Are you attracting and on-boarding sales talent successfully in this mobile first cloud first landscape? This workshop is designed to help business leaders and sales management professionals create an integrated sales plan that makes a science of the numbers and enables the whole organisation to work better together. For leaders and managers of technology companies, the workshop offers methodology, which helps address age old dilemmas of scaling sales in a technical arena. Click here for more info or to register for a session.

  • Monday 25th May - Brisbane
  • Thursday 28th May - Sydney
  • Wednesday 3rd June - Melbourne

Evolving your marketing strategy to grow with cloud services

Led by Melanie McKinney from Carpe Diem. A critical element of growing a profitable business with cloud services is evolving your marketing strategy. Increasing the volume of leads isn’t enough, ensuring you’re investing time on the right opportunities is also key to success. By the time customers engage with a potential vendor they have already conducted significant research and are well-educated on what they need and want. In addition, with budgets shifting from IT into the hands of the line of business managers, prospects are less likely to be looking for a technical solution and more likely to be searching for a solution to a business issue. By engaging effectively with these “self-educated” prospects you can increase your close rate and shorten your sales cycle. Click here to view more details and sign up for a session.

  • Monday 15th June – Sydney
  • Wednesday 17th June - Melbourne


If you have any issues registering for these sessions please email partnerau@microsoft.com.