Why aren’t sellers embracing social selling?

Social selling is flavour of the moment and the source of many blogs and articles.

Social selling appears to be a ‘no-brainer’. Why wouldn’t you want to use your social network to connect with potential buyers?

So what is holding sellers back from embracing something that, to the outsider, could help them sell more?

Social selling is a foreign concept for many sales staff and .asking sales staff to change the ‘way they have always done things’ can be confronting.

In order to successfully convey the value of social selling, you need to communicate the following three things (Source: Hubspot):


  1. Social selling is important. Give reps the broader context and help them understand that their world is changing and they need to change with it.
  2. Social selling helps reps make quota. Make it real: Talk about their current sales process and help them envision a world where online social networks are part of that process. Invite high-performing reps to share stories about how they’ve used social to find a lead, get a meeting, or cultivate a relationship.
  3. You’re launching a program. Describe the training and tools that you’ll be providing them, what they can expect, and when

If you are keen to read more, please download Hubspot’s ‘How to mobilise your sales team on Social’ e-book here