Windows 7 Competition

The Worldwide Windows Marketing Team has launched a Windows 7 partner video contest and I would love to see Australian Partners involved. 

To get involved all you need to do is be a Microsoft Partner, create one or many 2-3 minutes video(s) and post it to for voting by anyone with a Live ID. 

Each video is required to include:

1) a brief introduction that begins with “I believe Windows 7 will help my customers work reliably, easily, and securely by . . .” 

2) at least one Windows 7 feature highlight in the form of a demonstration using Windows 7 RC. 

Contest winners will receive a Windows 7 Laptop (Dell Latitude E4300 or equivalent) and their video will be shown at this year’s Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.

The contest started on May 26th 2009.  Video submissions will be accepted until June 26th and the contest ends one week later on July 3rd.  Anyone with a Live ID is encouraged to rate the video submissions through the end of the contest. 

For more information, visit the video contest website for all the details on how to enter.