Windows Intune - Classroom Training Events In April

At short notice the Windows Intune product team has supplied us with a trainer to deliver two classroom training events, one in Sydney, and one in Melbourne. You can register for these events here, but register now because these classes don't have a large capacity.

If you are unable to attend these, please make sure you set aside time in your diaries for our upcoming series of technical webcasts on Windows Intune, full details here. We will be running this series of webcasts from mid April through to the end of June, and covering a variety of ways that partners can help their customers get the most out of their Windows Intune subscriptions.

Here is an overview of the course content

Windows Intune is a comprehensive solution that brings together cloud services and an upgrade subscription for the Windows 7
operating system, to help simplify PC management and security. Windows Intune is a new solution that simplifies how
businesses manage and secure PCs by using Windows cloud services and Windows® 7—so computers and users can operate at
peak performance.

This one-day hands-on workshop enables you to manage and administer computers and software through Windows Intune™. At
the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

- Deploy Windows Intune.

- Manage and administer client PCs from the Windows Intune administrator console.

- Configure Windows Intune alerts and notifications.

- Use Windows Intune Remote Assistance to support users.

This course is intended for Microsoft® partners whose businesses offer their customers computer management and
administration, and information technology professionals who perform computer management and administration tasks.


This course assumes that the attendee has experience of using the Windows 7 operating system, has experience of using
Windows Live® IDs, and is familiar with computer management and administration tasks.

To participate in the class, you need to bring a laptop that has the following specifications:

· 1 GHz 32-bit/64-bit or greater processor required

· 2 GB, or more, of physical RAM

· At least 15 GB of available free hard disk space

· Support for hardware virtualization (see for more details)

· DVD-ROM for installing course materials and student virtual machine

· Windows® Internet Explorer® or another browser that supports Microsoft® Silverlight®.

· Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1) for computers running Windows Vista® or Windows Virtual PC for computers
running Windows 7.

$79.00 (excl GST)


Module 1: Windows Intune Overview

- Challenges in Managing Business PCs ; Introducing Windows Intune ; Managing and Securing PCs in Any Location by Using Windows

- Overview of the Windows Intune Administrator Console ; Windows Intune Workspaces ; Comparing Windows Intune with Other
Products ; Windows Intune and Support for Windows 7

- Deploying Windows 7 ; Creating Deployment Solutions by Using MDT 2010 ; Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack

- Signing Up for Windows Intune

Lab 1: Learning Account Basics for Windows Intune

Module 2: Deploying and Installing the Windows Intune Client

- Windows Intune System Requirements ; The Windows Intune Client Installation Package

- Windows Intune Deployment Routes; Using the Installation Executable File (.EXE) ; Working with the Windows Installer Files (.MSI)

- The Windows Intune Client Installation Process; Installing over Existing Antivirus Software

- Windows Intune Components ; Troubleshooting a Windows Intune Client Installation ; Uninstalling a Windows Intune Client

Lab 2: Deploying and Installing the Windows Intune Client

Module 3: Computer Administration by Using Windows Intune

- Understanding Groups ; Creating and Populating Groups ;

- The Windows Intune Update Process ; Update States ; Managing Updates ; Deploying Updates

- Managing Endpoint Protection

- Windows Intune Policy Concepts ; Windows Intune Policy Templates ; Creating and Deploying Windows Intune Policies

Lab 3: Computer Administration by Using Windows Intune

Module 4: Windows Intune Systems Management

- Alerts Management; Working with Alerts

- Administrators and Recipients ; Software Management ; Software Categories

- Working with Software Inventories ; Working with Hardware Inventories

- License Management

- Generating Reports ; Customizing Reports

Lab 4: Managing System Services

Module 5: Using Windows Intune Center

- Windows Intune Center; Accessing Windows Update Services ; Accessing Windows Intune Endpoint Protection

- What Is Windows Intune Remote Assistance ; End-to-End Remote Assistance ; Configuring Remote Assistance Notifications

- Installing Microsoft Easy Assist ; Inviting Other Participants to the Session

Lab 5: Using Windows Intune Remote Assistance

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