With a range of customisable marketing resources, you need never say ‘umm’ again. 4 businesses will win $3K!

PMC_headerThe campaign material at the online Partner Marketing Centre can help you go from Microsoft partner to Microsoft sales expert in no time. And as well as winning more business, you could also win $3K for your marketing budget.


How to win:

  • Use our de-ummify recorder and your computer’s microphone to record a sales pitch based on the Simplify IT: Business PC campaign, and don’t use the word ‘umm’ – even once
  • Before you record your pitch, familiarise yourself with the Simplify IT: Business PC campaign to practice selling the value and benefits of Microsoft solutions
  • To be in the running for $3K for your business, record your umm-free pitch (it must more than 1 minute, but less than 2) on our de-ummify recorder, here

If you like the sound of that then we want to hear your sales pitch.

The winning entries will be those that most accurately reflect the messaging of the Simplify IT: Business PC campaign. And, of course, those that don’t say ‘umm’.