WPC 2011: A sneak peek at the Vision and Value Keynote line-up!

250+ Microsoft executives to attend! Over 9,000 partners already registered!

One of the biggest reasons you attend WPC 2011 is the opportunity to hear directly from Microsoft leaders about their vision, strategies, the technology roadmap and upcoming product launches, to help you further expand your business and plan for 2012. This year WPC 2011 will deliver!
Compelling, thought-provoking keynotes are slated, with Steve Ballmer, Kevin Turner and channel chief Jon Roskill leading the way. An estimated 250 top Microsoft executives will be onsite, with many delivering keynotes and all available for high-impact networking and inspired collaboration. Here's a sneak peek at what's planned:

  • Monday, July 11: Opening day will focus on Microsoft's vision and commitment to partners. Channel chief Jon Roskill opens by celebrating partners, reinforcing their global impact, success stories and more. Who better to deliver Microsoft's vision than CEO Steve Ballmer! His keynote will highlight Microsoft innovation and business opportunities for partners. Another part of Ballmer's speech will cover Microsoft services and devices, with Tami Reller, corporate vice president and chief financial officer of Windows & Windows Live, joining in the presentation to deliver the latest news on the Windows business and opportunities for partners.
  • Tuesday, July 12: Day two will continue where day one left off: Services and devices. "Winning with the Cloud" starts the day, with speakers Satya Nadella, president of the Servers and Tools Business, Kurt DelBene, president of the Microsoft Office Division, and Kirill Tatarinov, corporate vice president of Microsoft Business Solutions. They'll cover Microsoft's cloud vision and company-wide strategy as well as management, productivity and Dynamics on the cloud. Then on to smart devices, with Andy Lees, president of Microsoft's Mobile Communication Business, and Steve Guggenheimer, corporate vice president of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Division. Lees will address the latest news on Windows Phone and the Nokia partnership while Guggenheimer will highlight smart devices across PCs, phone, TV and more.
  • Wednesday July 13: Day three culminates with a focus on "How we win together." Orlando Ayala, corporate vice president, chairman of emerging markets, and chief advisor to Microsoft's chief operating officer (COO), will speak on the global impact of partners, emphasizing how to seize opportunities in emerging markets. Next up: Roskill, head of the Worldwide Partner Group, returns to the stage to reinforce the value of the Microsoft Partner Network and provide updates on incentives, readiness and competencies. Always a showstopper, Kevin Turner, Microsoft's chief operating officer, will finish big with the company's competitive strategy and how partners can compete and win with Microsoft.

But there's much more in store, including afternoon "value keynotes," which continue each day's theme. See more details about WPC 2011 keynotes here and watch for updates as we near the big event!   Register Today!