Azure Blob Storage: Uploading & Downloading data to Storage Account using Azure Storage Explore!

Today, I was working with one of our customers to help them use blob storage within Azure subscription. So one of the questions was about how to upload files or in general basic file management.

Of course there are various ways to interact with Storage Account that includes Portal, AzCopy, REST API etc. One of the ways is to use 3rd party software like Azure Storage Explorer available on Codeplex.

You can visit to download the software.


Once completed, launch Azure Storage Explorer. You need the Storage Account name and the access key that you can get it from the Azure Management Portal.


In my case, I already have Azure Storage Account configured in my Azure subscription. So, I will click on Add Account button.


Fill in the details in the box like Storage account name and Storage account key. Also, for security, check on Use HTTPS.

Note: You can find Azure Storage Account and Access Key over here


Once you get all the details, fill in the details in the Azure Storage Explorer.


Now click on Add Storage Account. Click on Yes on the following box.


And you are ready to go. Now you can manage your Blob storage for adding, deleting files easily.


Hope you enjoyed this post.

Thank you.