Business Insights Webcast: Forrester Research: The Total Economic Impact of Internet Explorer 9 (Level 100)

Hear Forrester Research's Bob Cormier present findings from his total economic impact (TEI) study of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. Forrester interviewed six Microsoft Technology Adoption Program (TAP) customers to discuss each organization's experience upgrading from Internet Explorer 8 to Internet Explorer 9. Then, Forrester created a TEI case study, in which it describes the costs and benefits of using a composite organization. Forrester concluded that the composite organization would achieve a risk-adjusted net savings of $3.3 million over three years as a result of upgrading to Internet Explorer 9. In this webcast, Cormier outlines the costs, benefits, and flexibility options of the composite organization. Find out how your company can save costs by upgrading to Internet Explorer 9.

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Presenters: Bob Cormier, Vice President, Principle Consultant, Forrester Consulting, Hye Jun, Senior Marketing Manager, Microsoft Corporation, Anurag Pandit, Product Manager, Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft Corporation, and Tiffany Ashton, Digital Marketing Manager, Bridge Partners, LLC