Microsoft Downloads: Server Virtualization at Microsoft

Yes. At Microsoft we virtualize servers.MSIT

At Microsoft, server virtualization has become a primary way to address data-center power consumption, to address space issues, and to rationalize server utilization. To optimize deployment and management of thousands of virtual machines, Microsoft Information Technology (Microsoft IT) has developed standards and best practices for configuring host servers, storage, and network infrastructure.

Why You Should Care:

1. MSIT adopted Hyper-V because it offered a clear business value in terms of cost savings and flexibility. These benefits drove MSIT toward machine virtualization in 2004.

2. Hyper-V is designed to service machine virtualization needs for server consolidation and virtual desktop infrastructures. Hyper-V allows multiple virtual machines (VMs) to run concurrently on the same physical server. Each VM has its own representation of hardware, an isolated OS and application environment, and a unique network and security identity.

3. Virtualization is an important part of MSIT’s strategy to standardize platforms, optimize IT, and create an automated dynamic environment.

4. Microsoft IT actively contributes to the quality and capabilities of Microsoft products. In the case of Hyper-V and Virtual Machine Manager, any production issues with a root cause in the product and any capability needs identified by customers or by MSIT staff is reported directly to the product development team.

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