TechNet Article: Windows 7: The Time Is Now for Windows 7

While Windows 8 promises to be a groundbreaking evolution (the developer preview at the BUILD conference has the tech community abuzz), it’s a ways off. Fortunately for many organizations, there is still a great deal of value in migrating to Windows 7.

Many companies still use Windows XP as the primary OS. Windows XP was certainly cutting edge when it first came out, which is now more than a decade ago. In today’s computing environment, however, it often falls short of the demands of modern applications and mobile users.

If you’re using Windows XP as your primary OS, there’s still considerable value—in bottom-line cost savings, user productivity, data integrity and safety, and organizational readiness—in moving to Windows 7. There are a number of ways to help you quickly get into Windows 7, and take advantage of its value, performance and feature set.