How to set Windows Azure Storage Provider for Commvault Enterprise Backup Solution

CommVault provides enterprise backup software, disk to disk backup, data protection, deduplication, e-discovery & a host of solutions for large & small businesses.If you are Commvault user, you can configure Windows Azure to use as a back service adapter for your Commvault backup applicaiton.

To configure Windows Azure Storage Adapter with Commvault, first you would need to create a Windows Azure Storage Service i.e. commvaultbackup (as below in this example) at using your Windows Azure Service Account:

Now using any Windows Azure Storage Explorer application create a container. In my example, I have created a container name commvaultcontainer using CloudBerry Azure Storage Explorer as below:

Note: You can download CloudBerry Azure Explorer from ""

After the container is created you can verify your Windows Azure Storage as below:

Now Open Commvault software and configure “Windows Azure Storage Provider” for Commvault Cloud Backup software as below:

Service Host: (This field must be exactly as
Account Name: commvaultbackup (Windows Azure Storage Service Name)
Access Key : Please copy and paste the correct Azure Storage Access Key
Verify Access Key : Please copy and paste the correct Azure Storage Access Key again
Container: Please enter the container name created in above steps.

Once you select “OK”, you will see another dialog as below:

Now your configuration will be completed and if you open “commvaultcontainer” in Azure Storage Explorer, you will see a new folder as below:

If you hit the following error that means the configuration is incorrect. Be sure that you have correct Azure service name and your “Service Host” field is set to “” exactly.

Error: [Cloud] There is a name lookup error.