Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java, December 2011 CTP is now available

Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java, December 2011 CTP is now available for public download at The December CTP is a major update to the Eclipse tooling that was last released last June. It introduces a number of impactful usability and functional enhancements.

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Download the documentation from the link below:

A detailed introduction video is available at:

Please visit recently released Windows Azure Developer center for Java below:

 What’s new in December 2011, CTP Release:

  • Session affinity (“sticky sessions”) support - helping enable stateful, clustered Java applications with just a single checkbox
  • Pre-made startup script samples - for the most popular Java servers (Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, GlassFish) make it easier to get started
  • Emulator startup output in real time – you cannow watch the execution of all the steps from your startup script in a dedicated console window, showing you the progress and failures in your script as it is executed by Azure
  • Automatic, light-weight java.exe monitoring – that will force a role recycle when java.exe stops running, using a lightweight, pre-made script automatically included in your deployment
  • Remote Java app debugging config UI– allows you to easily enable Eclipse’s remote debugger to access your Java app running in the Emulator or the Azure cloud, so you can step through and debug your Java code in real time
  • Local storage resource config UI - so you no longer have to configure local resources by manipulating the XML directly. This feature also enables you to access to the effective file path of your local resource after it’s deployed via an environment variable you can reference directly from your startup script.
  • Environment variable config UI – so you no longer have to set environment variables via manual editing of the configuration XML
  • JDBC driver for SQL Azure- gets installed via the plugin as a seamlessly integrated Eclipse library, enabling easier programing against SQL Azure
  • Quick context-menu access to role config UI - Just right click on the role folder, and click Properties
  • Custom Azure project and role folder icons - for better visibility and easier navigation within your workspace and project