AX2012 R2 日本語の財務諸表 で金額が表示されない問題

AX2012 R2 で 言語を日本語にして、財務諸表を出力すると金額がすべてゼロ表示となる問題があります。

KB2792864は未だPartner Sourceに公開されていません。お手数お掛けして恐縮ですが、ケースをオープン頂きHotfixをリクエスト頂けますでしょうか。

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Financial statement might display zero amounts for some languages
The financial statements return 0.00 amounts when the user language is one of the following languages:
   Danish – DA
   Finnish – FI
   Japanese – JA
   Latvian – LV
The issue results from a difference in labels and values that are shared by the CurrentOperationsTax enumeration and the OperationsTax enumeration in the query for the financial statements. To work around this issue, use one of the following procedures:
(1)Set up a generic user who can create financial statements, and then select English as the language for the generic user.
(2)Change the label for one of the enumerations to use the same value as the other enumeration. The @SYS101762 label is used in the CurrentOperationsTax enumeration and the @SYS6042 label is used in the OperationsTax enumeration.
(3)Change the user language to English before you open the financial statements.