New AzMan Developer Whitepaper

The AzMan developer whitepaper is now available. This is over 100 pages of AzMan Development info. Here’s the link


Here’s the outline:


Introduction to Developing Authorization Manager Solutions
Executive Summary
Application Authorization Challenges
Windows Authorization Manager
Application Security Design
Application Authentication Model
Determining an Application Authentication Model
Designing an Authorization Manager Solution
Identifying Resources and Operations
Determine Scoping Model
Determining Management Model
Implementing an Authorization Manager Solution
Store and Application Initialization
Client Context Initialization
Access Validation
Updating Policy
Environment-Specific Design Considerations
Deployment Considerations for Developers
Authorization Manager Availability
Deployment Approaches
Application Installation
Active Directory Storage
Using ADAM as a Store for Authorization Manager Policy
Authorization Manager Transactional and Concurrence Situation
Delegation of Administration
Troubleshooting the ASP.NET Authorization Manger Store Provider
Troubleshooting ADAM Access with Active Directory
Additional Resources