Aug 22, 2014

  • Azure API Management REST API . Tenant, API, and report entities were added. With that we now provide full programmatic access to policy management, API metadata management and export, and query access to all of the analytics reports. Please note that with this update we introduced a breaking change by updating the version string to '2014-02-14-preview' to make the preview status of the API more explicit.
  • API Inspector trace log format update . We now show elapsed time for each processing step and made improvements to the way the data is presented overall.
  • API metadata import and export. We made a couple of changes in this area. First, we now export 1.2 version of Swagger. Second, we fixed a WADL validation bug and now issue a proper error message when imported file contains multiple representation examples for the same operation and identical status code and content type.
  • Operation log integration.¬†Operation log is part of the Azure Management Portal. To see it you have to login on to the portal, click on the Management Service item in the left navigation menu, and then choose the corresponding tab on the page. Operation log shows the events that occur when administrators perform management tasks. Azure API Management is now fully integrated with the log and service related events will show up there.