Nov 21, 2014


  • Subscription key parameter renaming. By default we expect subscription key to be provided as a value of ocp-apim-subscription-key request header or subscription-key URL query parameter.  We added the ability to customize the names of these parameters. You can now rename either one or both of them. At the moment, this feature is available via API only.
  • Compressed response handling. We now preserve "compression state" of the responses we receive from backend services. 
  • Compressed response caching. Cache policy is now compression aware and separately stores compressed and uncompressed responses.
  • Google Analytics support. Now you can enable Google Analytics on your Developer portal by going to the Settings page on the Publisher portal and clicking the "Enable Google Analytics" checkbox.


  • Multiple subscriptions per product per developer. We optimized subscription flow a little and enabled subscription name editing.
  • My Profile area on the Developer portal. It looks better and is more usable than before.


  • Analytics graphs not populating on page load. We fixed a regression causing graphs not to populate on page load on the Dashboard.