Deconstructing the custom feed to test your web application on Web Platform Installer

I have been working with Microsoft Web application Gallery for a while now and the most common concern I have seen is that developers would like to test their application before submitting to the Web Application Gallery but have difficulty building the custom feed .  You can view a sample custom feed   here   to test your application .   This blog article will deconstruct this feed and explain how you can modify this to your needs

1. Create a new product <entry> for your  application

 <!-- Sample application with dependencies -->
 <entry type="application">
<!-- Enter a UNIQUE productId for your application to avoid conflicts with other existing applications and products in Web PI -->
 <!-- Enter an appropriate title for your application -->
 <title>Sample PHP and and MySQL application</title>
<!-- Include some brief description about the application  -->
 <summary>PHP and MySQL application sample</summary>
 <!-- Include any detailed information about the application -->
 <longSummary>Sample PHP and MySQL to show how to add a feed with a custom PHP application to WebPI and define all dependencies.</longSummary>

 <!-- To display under PHPApps subtab , include this Keyword --> 
 <name>Sample Application Builder</name>
<!-- Related product can be any product that is nice to have  , but is not required -->
 Minimum set of requirements/dependencies in order to successfully install the application: 
 PHP, WDeploy, SQL Management Objects, MySql Connector and URL Rewrite.
 You can replace PHP , Wincache to ASP.NET product Ids (ASP.NET 4.5 : NetFramework45  ; ASP.NET 3.5 : NetFramework35 )  if your application is an ASP.NET application . 
 <!-- Installer for an application should be Web Deploy package -->
 <!-- List of languages this package is localized in: English, Russian, French, German and Italian -->
 <!-- size of the package in KBs -->
<!-- Include a local file path like 'file://c:\myapplication\' or a HTTP URL -->
 <!-- SHA of the package file for signature verification -->
 <!-- Default page is a start page -->
 <startPage />

2. Create a new Tab where the application you wish to test can be listed

 <!-- Creates a new Tab called Sample Applications -->
 <name>Sample Applications</name>
  <description>Select from sample applications:</description> 
   <!-- Create multiple sub-tabs under 'Sample Applications'  -->

3. Create a new Keyword to categorize the application . This allows you to creates Groups of applications within the same Tab section

<keyword id="PHPApps">PHP Apps</keyword>

You can modify this  feed as per your needs  and test your application with Web Platform installer .