How to submit an application to Web App Gallery

If you have an application that you wish to submit to the Web Application Gallery , here’s some info to help you understand the submission process : 

Step#1 : Review Web App Gallery Principles which are the basic requirements that you need to understand  before submitting an application .

Step#2 : Build a package for your application for Web App Gallery with these guidelines. You need to test the application for App Gallery before submitting . Here are some video tutorials that shows  what the App Gallery team tests for :


Step#3 Once you determine that your web app meets the gallery's principles and have created a compatible app package, then  go to our Submit an app page . Click on  "Submit your web app" button 


Step#4 :  You will be required to login with your Windows Live ID and then you will be redirected to the submission Portal . Click on "Submit a new application"


Step#5: Submission form needs to filled out in order to submit the application to the gallery  . The submission form is pretty straightforward . It  requires you to enter some basic information about your application , the owner of the application and the package information of the application .


When submitting , make sure you select an unique application ID and note the application ID must not change when you submit updated versions for the same application . The form also requires you to enter the SHA1 hash checksum for you application package . You can calculate it using the tool FCIV .Finally , review the terms and conditions and  Click on Submit Your App  to submit your application .


The Submission Portal will validate the data entered before It can be submitted . If the validation fails , please make the necessary changes and resubmit your application . 


Once the application is submitted, it will take 3-5 business days for us to validate the application . We’ll send you an email when your app is published or if we have more questions about your submission. You can review our process at Windows Web Application Gallery Link Addition Process Walkthrough . If you have any more questions , check out our FAQ section