New eBook: Kubernetes objects on Microsoft Azure

We consolidated various materials and built out a 44-page eBook from AzureCAT's Mahesh Kshirsagar:


Kubernetes objects on Microsoft Azure

An introduction to deployment options based on a simple ASP.NET Core web application

Consider this e-book a jumping off point for Kubernetes development projects on Azure. Mahesh Kshirsagar of the Azure Customer Advisory Team (AzureCAT) introduces Kubernetes objects for Azure deployments. This e-book attempts to demystify Kubernetes by focusing on a real-life scenario in which a basic-tiered application is deployed using pods and controllers. Mahesh walks you through the steps to deploy a simple application with a web front end running ASP.NET Core 1.0 and a back end with a SQL Server container running on Linux. Scripts and guidance are available in the accompanying GitHub repository.

The sample app shows you how to use Azure Container Service with Kubernetes.


The sample app, script, and files are available on GitHub:


Resource URL
ASP.NET Core application
SQL Server back-end creation script
Kubernetes SQL Server StatefulSet creation manifest
Kubernetes ASP.NET Core HorizontalPodAutoScaler manifest


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You can also find various aspects of this eBook as online articles:


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