U-SQL Deprecation Update: Migration of Data Source Credentials and Removal of CREATE CREDENTIAL, ALTER CREDENTIAL and DROP CREDENTIAL

Back in October, we announced that we simplified the U-SQL Credentials by merging the password secrets that are being created in Powershell and the other parts of the credential object into credentials that are being completely created with a Powershell command. This reduces one statement from the creation process.

During the initial phase, we did provide support for both kinds of credential objects, and still supported the old syntax.

In the upcoming February refresh, we are now automatically migrating the existing old credentials into the new format and remove the CREATE CREDENTIAL, ALTER CREDENTIAL and DROP CREDENTIAL statements.

How does this impact you?

The credential object migration is done transparently. So if you have old credentials, you should not notice any chances when accessing your remote data source and will be able to use the credentials as before.

However, you will not be able to use DDL statements anymore to manage your credential objects, instead you need to use the Azure Powershell commands:

After the February refresh, if you try to use the CREATE CREDENTIAL nor ALTER CREDENTIAL DDL statement, you will get an error message stating:

E_CSC_USER_CREDENTIALDDLISREMOVED: CREATE/ALTER CREDENTIAL statements used in the script are removed from U-SQL language..

If you try to use the DROP CREDENTIAL statement, you will get a final warning of the form:

W_CSC_USER_DROPCREDENTIALDDLISDEPRECATED:DROP CREDENTIAL statement is deprecated and will be removed in the next deployment. Create and manage credentials using the latest Azure Powershell commandlets.

And you will get the following error message if you try to apply DROP CREDENTIAL on a new credential or one that has been migrated: