Azure Content Spotlight - Azure AD and multitenant applications

In this week's spotlight, I would like to highlight another excellent contribution by the Patterns and Practices team.  The Identity management for multitenant applications in Microsoft Azure is a collection of articles describing different aspects of a github project the team has put together to illustrate how multitenancy could be implemented in Azure.

The project is a fictitious survey solution called Tailspin.  In this solution, each survey will belong to a particular company and within each company the different users can create and complete these surveys.  Azure AD is used to control a tenantid which then can be used to isolate each company's surveys from each other.  In the project the isolation is performed by creating separate discrete databases and resources for each tenant and Azure Key Vault is used to manage the different connection strings.  Especially in the cloud where standing up multiple datastores is economic and relatively easy, this approach has advantages over other approaches to multitenancy like SQL Server Hierarchical Data.

There is plenty of documentation supplied by the team and a good introduction is supplied by Mike Wasson at Guidance for Identity Management in Multitenant Applications.