How can I tell what version of Azure PowerShell I am running?


We update the Azure PowerShell modules quite often as we are now on version 1.3 as of March 2016.  The challenge, if you don’t keep up to date with your Azure PowerShell ARM modules, is you might not able to execute some newer ARM cmdlets such as the new Export-AzureRMResourceGroup cmdlet for example. 

The quickest way to determine what module version you are running is to launch PowerShell and then run:

get-module –listavailable


You should get back a big list but the key Azure module should read something like this Manifest 1.3.0 ( as of March 2016) if you are current:



How can I update my Azure PowerShell ARM modules?

If you are not on the most current module there are a few ways to keep Azure PowerShell modules up to date but I typically go to our GitHub site here to read about the latest version available and install the .msi module:


Or you can grab your updates from PowerShell Gallery or use the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.


A brand new Azure PowerShell cmdlet faster update method is now available where you can just run:


Install-Module AzureRM


from inside of Windows PowerShell or Windows PowerShell ISE periodically to remain current when running with elevated privilege using the ‘Run as administrator’ context.


For more information on setting up Azure PowerShell visit here.